Variety of Fruit

Who We Are

Variety of Fruit with Fruit Powders


True Citrus, game-changing line of crystallized citrus ingredients


Our fruit-based solutions that embody turn-key flavor systems

Problem Solvers

Meeting each customer’s unique challenges to optimize quality, performance, function, operation and value


Innovative Technologies for More Fruitful Solutions

We deliver superior dry fruit juice flavoring systems that drive taste & performance for your food, beverage, health and wellness products.

Our products incorporate:

  • Low-temperature drying technologies
  • High-pressure encapsulations
  • Patented crystallized citrus formulations
  • Clean-label, Non-GMO, sodium-free, gluten-free and keto-friendly ingredients

Our capabilities and offerings include:

  • Turn-key beverage product development
  • Turn-key citrus and other fruit flavoring systems for nearly any food/beverage application
  • Customized fruit juice powders and citrus formulations
  • Internal sensory testing

Expertise: Quality Assurance & Certificates

Our Priority:

To ensure that our ingredients and practices uphold the highest level of quality and performance so that your consumers will continue to be delighted by the taste and quality of our fruit flavoring products.

Our Mission:

To become your No. 1 go-to as a trusted supplier of citrus and fruit flavoring for all of your food and beverage applications.

Our Promise:

We are committed to providing the highest quality results, industry-leading service with absolute confidentiality.

Our Focus:

Superior, Authentic Taste – Safety – Quality – Delivery – Cost

We operate a state of the art facility located in Baltimore, Maryland.

• SQF Certified  • OU Kosher

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